Foreign Capital Census in Brazil

Dear Sirs,

Periodically, Brazil’s Central Bank conducts a Census of Foreign Capital, in order to determine the amount of foreign capital invested in the Brazilian economy.

In that sense the following entities must submit the 2016 Census:

  • corporate entities established in Brazil, with non-resident shareholder holding any amount of capital, on 12.31.2015;
  • investment funds with non-resident shareholders on 12.31.2015; and
  • corporate entities established in Brazil, with a short-term debt balance (payable in up to 360 days) granted by non-residents calculated in or above the equivalent of US$ 1 million US dollars on 12.31.2015.

The period for submission of forms starts on July 1st, ending at 18:00 of August 15, 2016.

 The submission of false or incomplete, inaccurate or delayed information may incur in penalties pursuant to prevailing legislation.

For further information, please contact Raphael Valentim ( and Guilherme Novi ( by mail or at phone (11) 3254-5500.




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