A high level of specialization in the most important economic areas in Brazil and internationally.

Zilveti Advogados

The high level of specialization of the Zilveti Advogados team makes it one of Brazil’s most-admired law firms.

Our multidisciplinary team is highly trained and grouped according to the most important business areas, offering support, consulting, and legal assistance to Brazilian and international companies.

Areas of Activity


High customization in litigation, advisory, administrative, regulatory and opinions for civil law.


Experience in legal assistance in corporate transactions, national and foreign. structuring of compliance and data protection mechanisms.


Excellence in national and international tax consultancy and administrative and judicial litigation.

Industry focus
makes the difference

At Zilveti Advogados, a major competitive advantage is our specialization, which is based on work and study groups created in the office and divided according to area of activity, which we call task forces.
In addition to having in-depth legal knowledge, the lawyers who make up these groups have a deep knowledge of the industries in which their clients work and can therefore “speak their language.”

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