• Judicial tax litigation, in all instances of the Judiciary, including before the
Federal Supreme Court and the Superior Court of Justice;
• Administrative tax litigation at the federal, state and municipal levels;
• Supervision monitoring at the federal, state and municipal levels;
• National and international tax planning for companies and individuals;
• Elaboration of succession planning;
• Preparation, monitoring and implementation of tax benefits and special regimes;
• Elaboration of due diligence in corporate transactions;
• Elaboration of a formal consultation process on the interpretation of tax and customs legislation;
• Consulting for expatriates;
• Advice on the structuring, revision of the terms and implementation of merger, acquisition and incorporation operations;
• Assistance to foreigners who intend to start activities in the country;
• Tax advice and consultancy in operations carried out by financial entities and insurance companies;
• Advice and tax advice on operations carried out by companies in the pharmaceutical/chemical, automotive and retail sectors;
• Advice and tax consultancy in operations involving remittances of resources/income abroad and exchange operations;
• Taxation of operations involving the payment of commissions, interest, dividends, royalties and others to companies domiciled abroad or to foreign companies that are in Brazil;
• Taxation in the Brazilian Financial and Capital Market, by resident and non-resident investors;
• Tax regime applicable to the different types of Investment Funds;
• Legal tax advice for technology companies, fintechs and startups